The Man Who Regrets;
Ah! Hello there! I’m the Doctor, nice to meet you. Well, I might have met you already or you might have met me already, but that’s time travel for you- all wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.

((Independent 10th Doctor RP set POST-FOREST OF THE DEAD/ PRE-MIDNIGHT, though he has gone slightly AU from there. If you would like to start an RP, please tag me as 'themanwhomakespeoplebetter' or send an ask my way. Please read the ooc info page and note that I am slightly picky sometimes. Sorry.))

M!A: None.



"Weird Al…even for humans that is a most peculiar name."

"It’s more of a stage name. His real name’s just Alfred"



"Oh, it could be a lot worse, you know. It only managed to lacerate the skin. You’ll need some stitches, I’m afraid, and then some nanogene treatment. You’ll be right as rain before you know it." Alright, so it was a little worse than all that, but really, how was that going to help his present state of mind? 

"Lots of things could be a lot worse," he snaps The pain killer’s effects hadn’t fully kicked in yet, though he could feel a numbness spreading out from the injection site. "Sorry," the Doctor mutters after a moment. Reaching to rub the back of his neck, he winces again as he unintentionally prods one of his wounds.



The curious look became more wondrous. “Fascinating.”

"Suppose that’s one word for it. I’d imagine you’d have more of them in the ship’s archives on Earth history and culture. There’s a few original songs that he’s done as well."

"Right. This is going to hurt." And with that, she injects him with a little pain killer.

It’s not much compared to the pain he’s already in, but there’s still an audible, sharp intake of air as she injects him with the painkiller. “How bad is it?”



Having someone who actually understood what he was going through without being Vulcan was a welcome change of pace. He looked at the Doctor, seeing the pain clearly etched on his face, and felt a kinship he’d not felt with anyone else before. Then a thought came to him. “You say you can visit anywhere in time and space…could you take me to Vulcan that was?”

"I-" he started, caught off guard by the question. Though in all honesty, he should have expected it. "It- it’s not as simple as that. Believe me, I would if I could but there’s laws governing things like that. Not being able to go back along someone’s personal time line, crossing into established and potentially time-locked events… It’s risky at best, catastrophic for the very fabric of space and time at worst."


She pretty much expected him to say something along those lines. And, while she didn’t exactly think that, it was still fairly spot on. Susan looked down a moment, leaning against a railing.  ”Well I certainly didn’t learn it all on my own.” she said, keeping her voice rather quiet. “

"Would’ve hoped you’d see what it does and decided to not do the same," he replied, eyes heavy with his age and all he’d seen and done. He wasn’t so naive as to think that Susan hadn’t done and seen some things during the time she’d been left on her own, but… Well, there was no changing that now, was there? "Would’ve seen what it can to a person, what it does do.”

romanaofheartshaven said:

"Just- argh! Bit easier said than done right now!"

badwolfpinkandyellow said:
"Put your arm around me, I'll help you walk."

"I’ve- I’ve got it, I think."