The Man Who Regrets;
Ah! Hello there! I’m the Doctor, nice to meet you. Well, I might have met you already or you might have met me already, but that’s time travel for you- all wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.

((Independent 10th Doctor RP set POST-FOREST OF THE DEAD/ PRE-MIDNIGHT, though he has gone slightly AU from there. If you would like to start an RP, please tag me as 'themanwhomakespeoplebetter' or send an ask my way. Please read the ooc info page and note that I am slightly picky sometimes. Sorry.))

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jamieacquaatyourservice said:
[[bullet wound]] "Hey, bud, you can't stay out here, not in the rain like this!" Jamie called to the crumpled man in the alley outside the theater. "C'mon, let's get you somewhere warm, with coff-" That wasn't rain. She rolled him over, watched the red soaking through his clothes, and fell to his side; with one hand she frantically dug for her phone, the other she used to press on the wound. "I'll get you help, alright? Someone'll come- Help!" she yelled down the alley. "Someone help!"
themanwhomakespeoplebetter replied:

The Doctor’s skin felt hot as the pain from the wound stabbed and seared its way deeper and deeper into his body. Stupid. He’d been stupid and full of himself thinking he could just walk past without getting himself in trouble. Should’ve crossed the street, should’ve gone back when he saw them, but in his arrogance he’d just kept going- trying to ignore the menacing figures that had simply shot and then ran.

Frantic and stubborn, he held the regeneration energy that he felt building back, knowing that he didn’t exactly have many more chances left. If he could pull through without, then he’d do his best. Gasping in inaudible pain when she rolled him over, his blurred vision prevented him from seeing her face clearly. 


"The Doctor," she repeated. Even after they’d shaken hands, she kept their hands joined for a moment, watching him lean. "You lost quite a bit of blood, yeah. Should probably get some food in you, though, and soon." Jamie shifted awkwardly. "Probably shouldn’t be on your own, though. As much as you may think you can get by, you could be wrong. Uh, let me… help you? Again, I guess? I think the bakery is still open. How about a bagel and…" What did they always give out when she went to donate blood? "Orange juice?"

"Well, um…" the Doctor hummed, glancing down at his suit jacket and shirt. The wound had scabbed over now but… "Not entirely sure how well that’d go over with me looking like I do," he said, gesturing to the darkening and drying blood stains around the entry point that the bullet had chosen. "But honestly I heal quite a bit quicker than most- I’ll be fine in a bit. I can always grab a bite once I get back to my ship."

Anonymous said:
So what was it like? To watch your granddaughter kill someone in cold blood?



"— Oh, no you don’t. Are you completely incapable of sitting still?" She asked with a touch of amusement. "Honestly, I’ve had time tots behave better than you do. I’ll be done in a moment." Romana was, as ever, good as her word; she worked quick and diligently to clean and sew up the wounds neatly, hands steady and unfazed by the nastiness of the gashes left by those creatures. She was just grateful that they hadn’t been able to do any internal damage.

"A bit, yeah," he sighed, wincing slightly as the needle went through a particularly sensitive wound. At the very least the Doctor wanted to be helpful to some degree- seeing as how he’d been the one to accidentally wake the creatures up. At least, he supposed, Romana hadn’t been as badly hurt has he had been. Careful not to move too much as the Time Lady stitched his wounds up, the Doctor reached for and opened a nearby drawer, rummaging around until he found a box of butterfly closures for the cut down the left side of his face.

Anonymous said:
Knowing your trackrecord she'll probably end up dying because of you one way or another

"She very nearly did, actually. But I’m going to make sure that never happens again."

Anonymous said:
God forbid Susan have another kid while she's around you, lest we forget the LAST TIME she let you be around her child


Do your best to emotionally break my character. Guilt, lost love, insecurities, just totally tear them apart.
Anonymous said:
So what would you do if Susan wanted to move out herself?

"I mean she did live on her own for quite some time before we found each other again but erm… I mean I’d still check up on her and everything. Or try to, at least. She is family, after all, and I um… I hope I could do better than last time."

Anonymous said:
Doctor, what's your opinion on the Q Continuum?

"Well, let’s just say that I’m glad that the majority of them seem to adhere to non-interference much better than the Time Lords ever did."

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