The Man Who Regrets;
Ah! Hello there! I’m the Doctor, nice to meet you. Well, I might have met you already or you might have met me already, but that’s time travel for you- all wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.

((Independent 10th Doctor RP set POST-FOREST OF THE DEAD/ PRE-MIDNIGHT, though he has gone slightly AU from there. If you would like to start an RP, please tag me as 'themanwhomakespeoplebetter' or send an ask my way. Please read the ooc info page and note that I am slightly picky sometimes. Sorry.))

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"You mean like your mid-life crisis hair?"


"Seriously, how much gel did we use? Far too much, if you ask me."

"No more than you seem to be currently wearing. Not as spiky, but it doesn’t stay in that shape by itself I’d imagine."








(And then, realization finally dawned upon him)

"Oi! There is nothing wrong with my chin!"

"It is a bit prominent. Just….sticking it out there."



"I suppose that is some sort of a reassurance. What remains of my race would do well to learn that particular lesson, though I am quite certain they will take far longer than I will in that regard."

"Well, trying’s the main thing. Those who don’t often end up frustrated with the changes made around them while they stood still. And that- that never ends well."



"…I don’t get it."

"Right, I know we’ve been oblivious to things in the past but… really? It’s a bit hard to miss.”



       Akhaten, hm? River loved to peruse that planet, especially the markets. She never bought anything there, giving things of sentimental value for material items wasn’t her style. But perhaps, one day when she was ready she’d be able to give something up. River half-listened to the Doctor’s rambling, still rather amused that this is how he coped with awkwardness. He probably saw it, the subtle way her eyes crinkled when she laughed and gave him that genuine grin that meant one thing: trouble. But River Song, was trouble. She was the kind-of-human-but-not-exactly incarnation of trouble.

                                                                 ”Hush, you’re rambling like a teenager with
                                                                  their first crush.”

      It’s all in her tone, but she means it with all the affection in the world. She masked I love yous with shut up more often than not. River’s amused, wondering if this is where her husband got his flaily-awkwardness from, this man wasn’t his future self though. Though he finally did take her hand and they were off in a random direction to go witness some sort of celestial event that he’d been prattling on about for far longer than River cared to listen. She’s a physical woman, anyone could see that about her— she would rather experience than simply listen to a lecture. 

       ”Looks like there’s a hill ahead, do you want to set up there?” He’s the one carrying the items, his choice. Briefly her mind went to the time his future self brought her to the spires at the edge of the universe, she remembered vividly the view and the sprawling land below the spires. River briefly looks downward to the vivid reddish grass and how the other sun lit the landscape in a way that artists could only imagine in their wildest dreams. She’s half wondering what’s going to be so grand about this event compared to the others she’s witnessed. 

The Doctor’s face flushed a bright red for a moment and the Time Lord was very grateful for the quickly dimming light. He knew she was only teasing, but somehow that made him even more nervous. Well, maybe ‘nervous’ wasn’t the right word… It was that but also a great joy at being by her side and a deep affection for her, despite the traces of apprehension that still lingered. No, her end hadn’t been her end, but the Doctor at this moment in time and space still had very little knowledge about who River Song was.

Well, whatever it was, he was going to do his best to ignore it and simply enjoy their night.

"Yeah, that- that’d be best probably," he nodded, mostly recovered. "Nice clear view, nice place to lay out the picnic which is starting to get a bit heavy, honestly." After reaching the top of the hill, the Doctor somewhat reluctantly lets go of River’s hand to set up. Placing the basket down, he kneels next to it and pulls out the very traditional red gingham blanket, unfurling it on top of the deep-red grass. Next are a few pillows, then a tea thermos followed by a plethora of snacks and food- bananas, crackers, sandwiches, somehow intact and neat plates of spaghetti with sauce on top, breadsticks, a case of sushi….

“I, erm, might’ve over-packed a bit. Bigger on the inside.”