The Man Who Regrets;
Ah! Hello there! I’m the Doctor, nice to meet you. Well, I might have met you already or you might have met me already, but that’s time travel for you- all wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.

((Independent 10th Doctor RP set POST-FOREST OF THE DEAD/ PRE-MIDNIGHT, though he has gone slightly AU from there. If you would like to start an RP, please tag me as 'themanwhomakespeoplebetter' or send an ask my way. Please read the ooc info page and note that I am slightly picky sometimes. Sorry.))

M!A: None.

Your muse walks back into the room, only to find my muse curled up into a ball, sound asleep. Upon further inspection, they find that my muse is hugging one of your character’s belongings to their chest. What do they do?
My muse has been kidnapped for experimental ‘research.’ After months of searching, yours has finally found mine. How does your muse react to the condition mine is in?
Send “Why did you do that?” for my character explaining why they took a bullet for your character.

psa: if you ever have any questions about my character, you are always welcome to ask them. i encourage asking questions for it also helps me develop my character further or help explain something unclear.

The Muns’ Studio - ask me questions about the way I play my muse, why I’ve made certain decisions in their story and anything you’d like to know about what I think of them.

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romanaofheartshaven said:

send me a ☾ for my muse waking up to find yours in their bed in the middle of night

He hadn’t even really planned on falling asleep (though honestly he rarely did), so the Doctor was doubly surprised when a slight creak of the bed frame stirred him from his light slumber to see Romana’s face just a few inches from his own. A shot of adrenaline at the unexpected- though not necessarily unwelcome- sight rushed through the Doctor’s body before sharply dropping off. Not wanting to disturb her, he kept as still as possible. It was only a matter of time before his own eyes began to drift shut once more.

((I’m in a bit of an angst mood tonight if you couldn’t tell oops